Top 3 Art Galleries in the World and Why You Should Visit Them

Art galleries are great places to visit – you get free admission, you get to see works of art that are incredibly rare and show hearts of person who created them. But many people who hear phrases like “art gallery” think they are either too boring, to exclusive so they wouldn’t be allowed to see any works of art stored inside.


If you really want to know a person, then mention “art gallery” to them and see what they do – would they be excited, bored at of visiting one, or nervous. But there is no need to worry since art galleries can be great places to learn about art and may even inspire one’s creative skills and talents.


Art isn’t just about drawing, though it is a great part of it – a good gallery will have staffers on hand to tell you about art while you see watercolor paintings, oil paintings, and even photographs and sculptures made from an array of materials like clay, wood, or even metal. You can also learn the benefits of drinking lemon water in the morning.


This article is about some of the Top 3 Art Galleries in the World and Why you should visit them, but this is a tough one to write since there are hundreds of art galleries that have so much to offer.

  1. Smithsonian Institute, Washington D.C.


Not your typical art gallery, America’s Smithsonian is probably the largest museum and research complex, with 19 museums and galleries. It’s also home to a National Zoological Park, and research stations. But also home to 137 pieces of history that tell America’s story.


It is so vast that it could take years to properly see it all.


Why should I bother? It’s not just art there, there is a whole host of exhibits for you to visit; Dorothy’s ruby slippers dresses worn by the First Ladies, Gem Hall containing Hope diamond, and Wright brother’s 1903 flyer, Apollo 11 space capsule, and Spirit of St. Louis. But more importantly…. the original star-spangled banner.


  1. Le Louvre, Paris, France.


A medieval fortress and the palace of France’s royals before it was converted two hundred years ago, Le Louvre art gallery contains some spectacular exhibitions.


In 1989, the unveiling of I.E Pei’s Pyramid surprised many, especially since it is the main entrance of the gallery.


Why should I go? Home many beautiful pieces of artwork, including Venus De Milo, Winged Victory of Samothrace, and exhibitions containing sculptures and a piece of stained glass depicting Saint Blaise.


  1. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.


There are hundreds of art galleries throughout but in the Western hemisphere, the honor falls on this art gallery in New York City. It is home to an enormous collection of two million items. There are a number of areas throughout that could be considered museums unto themselves.


Works by Rembrandt, Botticelli, Veneer and Degas among others are held, along with other collections containing sculptures and crafts.


Why should I go? Aside from the stunning works of art on display, exhibitions from Ancient Egypt and Greece, there is a broad range to view and to admire.